The first Medical Imaging Storage Network Powered by Blockchain

The first full service platform provider for medical imaging on the blockchain. Transfer, Transmit, Store, Interpret, Second Opinion, Artificial Intelligence for medical images. Ask a doctor for medical advice and opinion. 

MedNetwork is a new system which enables the secure exchange and analysis of medical imaging data.


We provide a rich telemedicine API and a new smart contract powered by AI that enables both sharing and analysis of medical images.

Patients benefit from a secure platform for sharing medical images with no fees and free automated diagnosis provided by our AI.

About MedNetwork

Compatible with existing telemedicine platforms and medical imaging standards. No changes are needed to integrate with MedAI Network.


Every operation happens on the smart contract. No trust of a third-party is required. We never hold patient data .



No waiting for email confirmations, instantly get your patient report once your transaction is included in the blockchain!


Ravi Govindan

Qianyu (Jane) Zhou

Santosh Bhavani

Amit Mehta

Deep Learning Scientist



Indra Djackova

Blockchain Developer



Blockchain Developer


Andrey Men

Adam Gradzki

Systems Architect

Deep Learning Scientist

Tejas Mathai

Salem Karani

Deep Learning Scientist

Raghav Behl

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